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About Finance Norway

Finance Norway was established January 1st 2010 by the Norwegian Savings Banks Association and the Norwegian Financial Services Association.

200 financial institutions

Finance Norway represents some 200 financial institutions operating in the Norwegian market. The institutions operate within different sectors of financial activity:

  • savings banks
  • commercial banks
  • life insurance companies
  • non-life insurance companies
  • finance companies
  • management companies for securities funds
  • investment firms
  • finance conglomerates

The organisation’s purpose is to strive for a strengthened Norwegian financial industry. The legal framework is getting ever more complex and comprehensive. Thus, specialist expertise is needed, as well as a solid professional environment within the trade associations. Finance Norway employs approximately 100 highly skilled persons.

Finance Norway's objectives

  • to ensure that financial institutions are afforded working conditions and opportunities for further development that provide a basis for profitable and sound operation, enabling them to offer their customers the best possible service,
  • to ensure equal legal framework for all financial enterprises competing in the same market, independent of size and ownership,
  • to ensure that Norwegian based financial enterprises are able to operate on equal terms and conditions with their international competitors, and that these terms and conditions are adjusted to the developments in the EEA area,
  • to promote a sound development of the financial industry nationally as well as internationally,
  • to promote a high professional and ethical standard in the financial industry and a wide understanding of the importance of the financial industry in society.
  • to safeguard interests of member companies in matters concerning wages and working conditions for their employees